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The ZebraStat is the flagship of our diagnostic tool line. It is a compact electronic tool that helps to diagnose problems in the low-voltage control circuits of HVAC and refrigeration units. It also acts as a convenient remote control for technicians working in attics, on rooftops, or in basements, where easy access to temperature and system controls is inconvenient.

the ZebraStat's 5 main functions

  1. Simultaneously checks continuity in up to six citcuits
  2. Analyzes/Monitors control signals
  3. Graphically displays under-voltage conditions
  4. Remotely controls system from attic, rooftop, basement, etc
  5. Acts as an automatically resetting circuit breaker for circuit boards


ZebraStat Control Panel     
Control Panel                

The ZebraStat control panel has 4 control/monitor sections: 1)The MODE section places the tool in the test mode desired. You can switch between different modes with your test leads hooked up to the system for convenience. 2)The six COMPONENT switches individually control parts of the system, such as the blower or the reversing valve. 3)The blue REPORT section contains 13 LED's that report either continuity or power on any of the six test circuits, as well as an indicator for the internal circuit-protection device being tripped. 4)The red VOLTAGE section continuously monitors your system's control voltage levels.

some comments we've received:

• A Florida Contractor told us:I use my ZebraStat when we install a system in new construction. The painters aren’t finished, so we can’t install the thermostat yet, but now we can be sure that the system tests out O.K. before we leave - and on our timetable

• An Arizona Service Tech reports: “We perform service in malls, office buildings, and shopping centers.” “Because of the new Homeland Security building access restrictions, using the ZebraStat as a remote control can save me a half-mile walk when I’m testing and trouble shooting a system.”

• A Service Manager at a Texas firm said: “Being able to visually 'see' which wires are energized is helping our techs to understand how the more complicated systems work, especially heat pumps and multi- stage units.”

HVAC and Refrigeration Professionals from all over are telling us how they use
their ZebraStat. We welcome your comments. Click Here to email yours.

the ZebraStat:

• Is contained in a rugged carry case with hinged lid and secure latch.
• ZebraStat's test leads are stored inside the case, eliminating tangling
• A heavy magnet is mounted to the case back for easy attachment
• A retractable hanging hook is built into the case also
• A quick instruction card is printed inside the case lid
• Instruction manuals in English and Spanish are included
• Is system-powered; no batteries to replace or grow weak
• Has a one year limited warranty. Out of warranty service also available

want one?

Zebra Instruments products are sold only by distributors. Click here to find a distributor near you. Many states also have distributors that will take phone orders and ship yours directly to you. Look for the red phone numbers after their listing. Texas, Florida, and California currently have the most distributors.

want to sell them?

The ZebraStat is sold only through distributors. ZebraStats are packaged in full-color point-of-purchase sleeves, ready to hang on your tool wall, or behind your counter. Full color sales sheets (also available at no cost in tear-off pads mounted to a stand-up easel) creates interest for the product. A distributor stamp area is provided, and will be imprinted on request. All Zebra Instruments products are UPC bar coded.

Click here to contact a rep near you and get started. ZebraStat's profit margins are generous for a product with a suggested trade price of under $100.

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