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Zebra'Dapters are a significantly SAFER way to obtain and use 120 Volt power when performing service. Safer because positive power indication is provided via a light in the end of the cordset; it indicates whether or not 120 Volt power is present an the connection point (and, in Model ZD002, also indicates if power is accidently tapped from a 208/240 volt source instead of the desired 120 volts). Also, they're safer because the hot line is fused to help prevent 'accidents' while working.

We all know a tech who's done it: It's hot, he's tired, and he makes a simple mistake when he hooks up his cordset to get power from the condensing unit to run his vacuum pump. He throws the switch on the pump and - POOF - the smoke escapes from the vacuum pump, rendering it useless until (or even if) expensive repairs can be made.

Zebra'Dapters provide a visual indication of voltage levels before damage can occur. And, if the indicator lamp is ignored, the fuse provides a last line of defense to protect your valuable tools from simple mistakes. The fused circuit also gives an extra measure of safety for you and your customer's equipment.

they come in 2 different models          

  • The ZD002 cordset is 24" long, and has a lighted female end to provide 120 volt power for vacuum pumps, charging scales, trouble lights, etc. while you are working at the condensing unit, rooftop, attic, or other location where 120V power isn't conveniently provided. It is also fused for safety. (Photo above; left side.)
  • The ZD001 cordset is 72" long and has a lighted male plug that plugs into a normal, grounded outlet. It is meant to 120 volt provide test power for motors, systems, or other components. It is also fused for safety. It is often called a 'cheater' cord. (Photo above; right side.)

Assembled in the USA Flag  

Zebra'Dapters have quality built in. They are made in the U.S.A. The heavy-duty alligator clips are SOLDERED to the wires, not just crimped like other products. Cordsets have been available for years that only provide power for the tech to work with; why not choose a cord that also provides better protection for you, your tools, and your customers equipment?


The cost is about the same -
Choose the best made cordsets that you can buy today.

want one?

Zebra Instruments' products are sold only by distributors. Click here to find a distributor near you. Many states also have distributors that will take phone orders and ship yours directly to you. Look for the red phone numbers after their listing. Texas, Florida, and California currently have the most distributors. The 24" long female plug end Zebra'Dapter is Model ZD002. The 72" long male plug end version is Model ZD001. If your Distributor doesn't stock them, ask him to get them for you.

want to sell them?

Zebra'Dapters are sold only through distributors. Zebra'Dapters are packaged in full-color point-of-purchase clamshell packages, ready to hang on your tool wall or behind your counter. Full color sales sheets create interest. On request, the distributor contact area can be imprinted. All Zebra Instruments products are UPC bar coded.

Click here to contact a rep near you and get started. ZebraStat's profit margins are generous, having a suggested trade price under $15.

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