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Photo of Model Showing ZS-2 in Use Photo of ZebraStat

(Model Showing ZebraStat in Use)             (ZebraStat in Open Position)

Photo of ZebraStat Packaging, Frontal Photo of ZebraStat Packaging, Angle View

(ZebraStat Package Frontal)                   (ZebraStat Package Angle)

Photo of ZebraStat Control Panel
  (Enlargement of ZebraStat Control Panel)

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The ZebraStat is a fully electronic, easy-to-use diagnostic tool for all HVAC and Refrigeration System Technicians. Inside it’s durable protective case you’ll find a tool that quickly diagnoses low-voltage control problems in system wiring, control boards, thermostats, and associated components. Bright LED’s positively indicate OK/Not-OK status.


Troubleshoot Single- and Multi-Stage, Residential and Commercial systems with ease using any or all of ZebraStat’s 5 operating modes. Over/Under-voltage indicators quickly spot trouble areas. It’s automatically-resetting circuit protection makes finding problems on modern ‘computer board’ equipment less risky when shorts are present. Additionally, the entire ZebraStat is protected with the same auto-reset circuit protection.


A quick instruction card is printed on the inside cover; a full manual is included in English/Spanish. The ZebraStat has no batteries to replace. It has a heavy magnetic strip on the back and a slide-up hook for ease in use. One-year warranty.


ZebraStat assists technicians to troubleshoot problems in HVAC/R systems 5 ways:

1. ZebraStat performs immediate continuity checks on up to six circuits simultaneously

2. ZebraStat acts as a remote control, saving you steps from attic, roof, or basement

3. ZebraStat reports signal levels on control lines - visually displaying them

4. ZebraStat monitors voltage levels, displaying it as OK - Questionable - or Low

5. ZebraStat will act as an automatically-resetting circuit breaker, temporarily replacing a system fuse while you look for ‘shorted’ lines or components

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