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Photo of Zebra-Gators, Model ZG002 Photo of Zebra-Gators, Model ZG003
       (Model ZG002 Zebra-Gators)                  (Model ZG003 Zebra-Gators)

Photo of Zebra-Gators, Model ZG004
     (Model ZG004 Zebra-Gators)

Photo of Zebra-Gators, Model ZG002,3,and 4 together
(All Three Models of Zebra-Gators - from Left: ZG002, ZG003, ZG004)
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Zebra-Gators are alligator clip jumper wires designed for the HVAC/R Technician. Unlike competitive products, the alligator clips don't pull off (or fall off) of their wires because they are soldered, not just crimped. They carry the current they need to because they are made from wires that are the full gauge size listed. They come in as many as eight colors for the more complicated jobs. Each set comes with a hook-and-loop strap that keeps your Zebra-Gators organized, either in the tool box or hanging up in your vehicle. The heavy resealable bag is also a great place to keep your jumper set neat and tangle-free.


  • The Small set includes 10 jumpers and is often used for low-voltage control/manipulation.
  • The Medium set has 8 jumpers and can be used for motors and medium loads, inductive and resistive.
  • The Large set has 4 heavy-duty jumpers with heavy-jawed clamps that can carry power to heavier loads, like heat strips and compressors.

Zebra-Gators have quality built in. Another popular brand of jumper is foreign-assembled and is actually SIX WIRE SIZES SMALLER than its packaging advertises. Diagnosing a problem with that jumper set would often deliver low voltage to the part being tested - which could cause you to replace it unnecessarily, leaving the 'real' problems undiscovered. And what's more frustrating than having your jumper clips fall off of their wires as you are using them? Zebra-Gator's alligator clips are SOLDERED to their wires, keeping them securely in place. In short - they're just the best made jumper sets you can buy today.


• Quality Construction - Minimizes returns and exchanges

• Full Color Packaging - Eye-catching design. Label color quickly shows size

• Three Sizes - for whatever load is required. Lengths to 36", many colors


Zebra-Gator's quality and features make them the best jumper clip wire sets on the market today. Since proper diagnostics depend on jumpers that can carry the load, check your set today. If they're not "up to par", replace them with jumpers that you can depend on.

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